Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weekend photo diary

Because of impossibility of my schedule, sometimes my weekends would be different as your wish. Well, this might be just simple activity like walk around my city, sight seeing, and trying to find what I called "inner piece", also mysterycal feeling. A Feeling like, there's only me here, without all of those crowd. Then I'm connected  with d' air, and the sky, also learn how to listen to silence. Yah, I love escaped my self in my own city, capture some place in different  ways and corner. Then these photo are what I'd mean.  Not all yet I've share here (reminds there's many photo I've took) but or begin, I hope you all have a great weekend, and find new experience even you're go no where. Remember, we don't need to runaway to run, but feet. Happy Weekend!

Captions from top: Blue Sky with lots of white sheep clouds, Drops of yellow(ing) various fruits, Two tone color sky above my city when sunset, Another random side of my city, Empty chemical building, My view from Mall Rooftroops

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