Tuesday, August 6, 2013

twilight at the little netherlands

An one and half hour before Loenpia Jazz 2013 event last couple weeks in twilight at the little Netherlands or also known as Kota Lama Semarang — (well, okay, pardon me that i'm not the super streaming live post blogger you've expected) but talking about how hard is life being a blogger (*okay this is too drama heheh)— i mean,. depend of my previous post, i think i need such more than time management about to keep my blog updated daily, especially in this month of Ramadan— thats mean, more activity but less of time. Seriously, may be this is my 1.006.730th times that said "I need more than 24 hours a day!". However, i love what i have done— i life my own life, and share it all okay almost all of them to you, meets some new peoples, new friends, do something new that i never did before, eat new kind of foodies, and at the most challenges is— asking new person almost everyday in the almost new places and told them how to shoot you with the camera— how to snap you in your best poses. If i were them who i've ask for— i can't even wonder how pretty patience i am *LOL. All of this activity made me alive and exciting for a new step of step for rocking my job!

Thanks for Nick (on the last photo) for being my accidentally + instantly course photographer and accompany me for this Loenpia Jazz 2013 event. I will share more photos soon between my Ramadan and Ied Mubarak activities guys (follow my activities via instagram, facebook, and twitter). Yes! this blog will keep updated during my Ied Mubarak celebration. See ya! *smooch

All Photos taken with with Canon Eos 550D by Nick and Me

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  1. You remind me of Bryanboy ;) Anyway lovely shots! Thanks for your comment on my blog x