Saturday, August 3, 2013

Solo Spirit of Java Photo Diary: Heritage of Keraton Solo

The next episode of my previous post about my first ever became backpacker traveler in Solo and exploring every corner of this city. Here we go our next pit stop the uber ancient, a heritage from the past and lot of such a great history “Keraton Solo”. This place made me believe, hows the Spirit of Java definitely owned by this city, Solo. So much spritual atmosphere, tradition, and the religion of the people about The King and his family. An honor, a courteous, between the society, The Kindom and God. All running together with balance and one purpose, peacefulness. One experience that i never forget when visiting this place was one of the royal courtier have predict my selfhood just by his touch my shoulder and he said that i’m the hard but soft personality in one mind and soul. Well, it was so embrace me, i mean it’s 50 percentage yes! i’m the hard one but of course 50 percentage of me are calm and smooth sometimes, at least that i know from my closest friend said ever.  I can’t thinking about how he can do that? there’s only need a touch to predict my personality? I’m raptured! ahahaha. And yah, talk about obedience, this palace have a rules (right above this paragraph) that must be obeyed, before you enter the opulence of the past. So guys, are you ready? there’s more photo after the jump!

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