Sunday, July 7, 2013

weekend inspiration: at ocean view resort, what's your fave summer drink?

Okay, this is may be my bad habit, because i just escaping from the Men's Fashion Week post— and this is for the second times after my escapement to Blue Point beach on the past couple years. Seriously! I wanna make it, but yah— there's always a thousand reasons to sat on my lounge chair, relax right in  the sea shore, and enjoy my banana, pine apple, milk honey juice for carbo supply before have a lot of fun there (swimming, took a photo, looking for the hot one stress antidote etc. etc. etc) at the Ocean View Resort Jepara, then the super refreshing melon, orange, lemon & cinnamon juice after it. You can believe me, they don't named the beverage as specified, but wrote what's the ingredient clearly on the menu list. And i was like rolling my eyes when the waitress asked me "What's your fave summer drink, Sir?" *shocked

This may not be an excuse or even justification for my inactive in Men's Fashion Weeks post— But i really need to make a pause from all of my unstoppable work, my concern to my project BENY&CO last couple weeks— which it consumed almost of my "me time". Trust me, you should did a vacation, and got your very relaxation time— it's work for your stress and would make your life happier and even to be stay young! More photos will be post soon rockstars!— this is may be the teaser only,  So stay tune! Ah Yah— by the way, Happy Weekend!!! and,....... "What's your fave summer drink?"— Photos by Me

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