Friday, July 12, 2013

summer getaway: ocean view residence

If you wondering about uber gently tropical sun shine, have a perfect sunbath, relaxing summer atmosphere, and fantastic refreshing pool + bonus chill out DJ's music and summer soundtrack? I think Ocean View Residence Jepara is almost with your expectation. As i said on prev post, I definitely need a summer vacation— but of course, don't have an enough time
(and budget)to go to Bali, Hanoi, Miami, Malibu etc. etc. etc. It's gonna be too far and cost a lot of buck's! Then d'Ocean View Residence is such a shortcut to enjoying almost all the beach and summer vacation at the best time and best budget. I mean, with the reasonable price— we can take a joy of excellence International standard accommodation and exotic beach side view.

Reminds its only need less than two hours from my home sweet home, there's no time be wasted on road and even traffic jam. "Save time, save money!"  No stress about the wild f*kin' road— so we could stay concern to our super fun vacation all along time. The funny thing is,.. i just realized that they have free fast internet access, when i just already home, the view of the sea— the beach atmosphere successfully hipnotize my self and forgot all about "Social media-ing" activity. Though that i have successful vacation? Indeed! Sorry about not to "live instagram-ing" guys, because you know— "There's no holiday as long as  a gadget in hand". All that and many more story to follow— be sure you've subscribe my blog, and last but not least— How about your summer vacation/getaway? Come on! i wanna hear from you! *bisous— Photo by Umar

For more information about reservation etc. etc. etc. you can go here
PS: Okay, Okay, I know, I need to go to gym more often!


  1. el armario de la nenaJuly 23, 2013 at 3:41 AM

    wow, envy, hehe. This must be a great place, enjoy!

    thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. […] ngumpul mandja lagi. Sebenernya nggak sengaja nih bisa kesini, karena tujuan utama sebenernya ke Ocean View lagi, tapi karena full dengan crowded (yang ntah ada acara apa di sana) yang dresscodenya nge-rock […]