Wednesday, June 5, 2013

almost done!

Just needed a bit of finishing touch, then  my new baby platform of What-i-call-a-space-when-i-found-an-inpiration-and-need-to-post-it-immediately! This is would be my (and of course yours) new playground between this blog of course. NO, i don't wanna leave this blog!— in fact, BENY&CO is my tumblr blog, but i wanna make it more than the others. Not only displaying an eye candy  photo drop as many as bloggers done, but more than it all— BENY&CO is such an answers of my reclusion *kiddin heheh.

It's actually my mood board party, my inspirational image coming all the unlimited source, shopping guide, and everything that successfully influence me in my daily styling. The good news is you can also being part of it, of course, i don't wanna work alone! Please, always feel free to submit your advice, your own inspiration, product or shopping guide etc. on the submit tab. As long as it's suitable with the taste of BENY&CO— then, everything are welcome, and everything  will be moderate by me, of course to keep my BENY&CO in the right track! Simple, sleek, urban, and sexy!

And what about this "It's Me "blog? Of course i'll keep to post here too, both (BENY&CO and It's Me!) will stay run by my self and thanks God, this blog finally could be more personal. I mean, this blog is already personal it is, but there's will be no instant post anymore here— and i'll trying my best here, to not post only one piece image without text or the story. However, everyone must grown up right? ("Ah Beny, you're too cliche!" *that's may what i heard after you read the last sentences, LOL) So, Girl's Guy's and Gay's. If you could not found me update here for couple days, I might be there! I'll be wait for you to come. *smile

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