Monday, May 6, 2013

my first branding tees ever

Did you remember about my "new in" outfit from People Riots? I decide to modified it a little bit. It's such an unplanned modification on fact, because i just curious about the phosphor ink that i saw when a screen printer apply it to a t-shirt on my workplace. He told me that the ink could be glow in the dark, and even glow(er) if it's had an enough sunbath! Then i have no idea but wanna try on my own tees, yeah i think glow in the dark effect is not too much modification no? Reminds its would be great first branding experience for this site, and yah, it's look like this tees would be my-must-to-wear-tees-on-outdoor-party-or-concert-at-night! However, just like Rihanna said "Shine bright like Diamonds (baby!)"


  1. that's a very smart ad..
    and effective....

  2. cool idea beny, aku bikin juga ahhhhh hahahaha