Monday, April 29, 2013

solo spirit of java photo diary, the last day: lets find some souvenir!

Firstly, all photos above shouldn't in .GIF format! *sigh. But its still good quality image isn't? (i guess you said yes), and yah, as a said on my previous post— i'll marathon for finish my traveling series in Solo The Spirit of Java. Here is my last day on the city, finding some souvenirs, and there's lot of destination to go, but as long as we discuss with my (the one and only best friend) a.k.a our tour guide Naoval, depend on my a bit of time before me and Reza missing our departure, there's like no other but Ganep's.

A lovely customer's service, one stop merchandising and souvenir shop, and,.. if i could say,. a right prices! Especially, they have such a-must-to-bougth-and-eaten-cookies called Roti Ganep. You can even eat the tester there, and i bet, you'll never disappointed about the taste. Of course this one reason that many tourist stopping by here between the clean store, and kindful of customer service, manager and almost all of the employee. And FYI, if you're luck, you could make your very own Roti Ganep in their kitchen that to be one part on the store building. Me? i've so experienced well there, many reason to get my self back here. But guys, if you're curious about the cookies, don't so worry, you can also check their site Oh yah, Btw Happy Birthday for Roti Ganep! Thanks for such a lovely experience! And finally guys, i've finish my series of Spirit of Java photo diary, see ya on my next traveling series, promise— i set my self to write a post, a day! Wish me luck guys, and till the next post! :D

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