Sunday, April 28, 2013

solo spirit of java photo diary 2nd night: before nye party, it's car free night!

Okay, you may judge me about and caused i haven't make a post for one (or more) week!. And the series of my traveling experience in Solo The Spirit of Java such delay(ed) *sigh. But lets marathon this series guys. These photos should posted ready right after i have such a NYE party on Solo, believe me NYE party and celebration was so different with the other city in general. I mean, there's not only music concert, DJ booth, or rockstars party on their luxury apartment, but also there's so many cultural performance from the kingdom stuff (reminds about this city have a special treat for their governmental) i mean this city was a kingdom inside my country. So it's like, oh can you imagine the mix of culture and modern light, music, DJ performance and many more cultural shows? Its all in Car Free Night Event there, right before the peak event of NYE party on its City. And as you seen above of my photos, the roads is yours! yeah, even in each corner of this city that nite, there's no more engine. Seriously! all people walking along the street and enjoying the shows in every point and booth. Ah, but one day nite, i will go there again, see the culture shows, fireworks, walking a long the streets, etc. etc. etc. Believe me such a must scheduled on yours travel agenda! Happy Weekends everyone! (wish me could do a marathon post, to finish my Solo The Spirit of Java series)

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