Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Solo Spirit of Java Photo Diary Day Two

And here we go! After such a long night with the beautiful Solo night life and tons of fat caused such a heavenly culinary of this city— we awoke so early and excited about to exploring this city from the corner, the oldest side, till the classic one. Naoval as our guide (and photograper) suggest us to trying the famous (but FYI: almost all of culinary in Solo are famous!) food in Solo called Timlo, and the rest of all it must be nothing but "Timlo Sastro" which it all of us in Indonesia know that this Timlo is already curated by Pak Bondan Winarno the most famous culinary TV show in town. I want to share the photo of this Timlo with you all guys but unfortunately, it already done when we just realize that we didn't take the photo of it, yaii!! It's definitely too delicious even whe forgot about to take photo of it— ahahah forgive us ya. 

Then, we continue our trip to an old traditional market "Pasar Gede" which it have a classical building with the traditional display and layout. Trust me if you walk inside, make sure that you're not wore a heels or even the wedges— it didn't work at all. One thing that i really heart from this city— there almost all of the streets are clean! It's pedestrian-able, such a fresh air, and friendly driver also bikers. This city really like no other city in this country that so friendly with pedestrian, of course— there's no disappointment to exploring this city around the day by my feet. More photo diary soon guys, stay tune!

PS: So sorry about the previous photo diary which it written in bahasa, thanks octaviodigianni

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