Monday, May 21, 2012

Make Up

Such a mess after doing make up for Rere— on fact, Adjie is the patient (and talented) person behind all of this. I don't know about you all girls, guys, and gays— but i don't really the expert in this division, because it, i think me (and you) must learn more about how-to-apply-makeup on our face. No it's not about fake-ing our look and appearance but its all about to improve the bright, goodness, and positive sides of ourselves, Adjie said to us
(me and Rere).

If there's most of the girls in this town decide to trade only their inner-beauty to bolster up her appearance— then they're need to change her mindset as soon as possible, except they want to stay being a big fans of "ITS TOP MODELS" without an effort to explore her potential to precedes even more than her idol is. Yup! don't shy to try— make up is one of basic human rights by the way, and everyone could doing this— not excepted us.

It was not easy— but not so enough difficult words to stop us to learn right? How kinda luck guy i am (and of course Rere) to meet Adjie who kindly feel free to share his experience in make up based learning from his friends in flight attendants environment. Its totally perfect for daily uses— Ah, did you ever look the everlasting fresh and flawless face of flight attendants woman appearance? Yes! he told us the secret! I can't believe that concealer could used as lip balm before you apply a seductive color of lipstick, when he explained this tips to Rere. And of course, the key is,... color of the powder and blush on must be proper with our skin color— i just even know now, that as a guy, we need to apply a super thin and smooth powder to make our flawless appearance too— then a guy without blush on is so last last year, because most of that hollywood actor and male models done it perfectly! (Scuzy! are we talk about Zac Efron and One Direction? XP)

So much fun playing make up with Adjie— i may must share about D.I.Y make up one day. But as Adjie said "Its easier applying make up for anothers than apply it for our self". uhmm,. anyone become my make up trial victim?? HAH! *spank me (LOL). Will share about the photoshoot with Adjie soon, stay tune and HAPPY SUNDAY ROCKSTARS!

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